'Every observation is important in a case like this'

EUGENE, Ore. - Police ask the public for information about criminal cases all the time.

Now a local defense attorney is asking for any witnesses to the events that left one man dead and the lawyer's client charged with murder.

The case involves 34-year-old former military sniper and professional mixed martial arts fighter Gerald Strebendt and 53-year-old David Crofut, who had recently moved to Springfield from Tacoma, Wash.

Investigators told us back in February a minor traffic crash on Bob Straub Parkway caused Strebent to call 911.

While on the phone with dispatchers, Strebendt shot and killed Crofut, who was unarmed.

Further details on the case haven't been released due to a gag order issued by a Lane County circuit court judge.

With the gag order now "loosened," as strebendt's attorney Mike Arnold puts it, he was able to create

"My client gerald strebent has instructed me and my office to gather as much information as possible, to basically turn over every stone looking for witnesses in this case," Arnold said.

Arnold said he is looking for anyone who was driving northbound on Bob Straub Parkway just after the fender-bender.

"They may not think they're an important witness," he said, "but they are important. Every observation is important in a case like this."

Strebendt claimed self-defense after the shooting. He was later charged with murder.

Arnold said he wants all the facts, and said even the smallest observations are relevent.

"Maybe the position of the vehicles, folks standing outside, the vehicles talking to one another, people walking, they may have heard something near by," he said.

Arnold said he would have put the request for witnesses out earlier if not for the gag order.

And because the gag order hasn't been completely lifted, the prosecution said they can't comment on the case.

Strebendt's trial is scheduled for March 2015.