Equipment failure causes massive power outage in Roseburg

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- What witnesses call an explosion left the east side of Roseburg powerless late this morning.

At about 10:45 a.m., witnesses told KPIC News they saw a blaze of light and heard a loud boom at the sub station in the 2800 block of Douglas Avenue.

Street lights were down clear to Stephens, and officers were out directing traffic.

Officials say at this point, they're not exactly sure what happened. Monte Mendenhall, the Pacific Power Regional Community Manager said, "We did have an equipment failure there as well as the fuse blowing out, so that would have caused some noise, and you probably would have seen an arc associated with that as well."

More than 5,700 customers in east and south Roseburg were without power for nearly an hour and a half.

Pacific Power crews are continuing to investigate the cause of the failure.