EMS training gets a little more realistic

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Firefighters and EMT's got some hands on training this week, and the patient was no regular dummy.

Roger Kennedy, the EMS Program Coordinator, says the training happens every year, and crews get to do more than just sit and listen. "UCC is partnering with Douglas County Dire District #2 for their annual EMS training, where they get the opportunity to work with the most high tech, state of the art equipment," Kennedy said.

The training involves using an interactive mannequin, that is about as real life as it gets. "These simulators are able to function with almost everything that an actual person would, to give us as realistic of a scenario as we can for the students and the working EMT's and paramedics," said Captain Barry Hutchings from Fire District #2.

The $35,000 mannequin can bleed, speak, and even has a pulse. "We're able to push drugs, we're able to intubate or put tubes into airways, and the patient can even vomit if need be," said Hutchings. "We get blood return on IV's. It's an opportunity we don't get very often," Hutchings said.

A recent grant allowed Fire District #2 to purchase video laryngoscopes for each ambulance.

The crews had a chance to practice with the new technology. "The camera will show the patient's vocal cords and allow us to intubate people much easier than in the past," said Hutchings.