Early morning fire damages Sutherlin garage

SUTHERLIN, Ore. -- Fire crews put out a fire that damaged a Sutherlin garage early Monday morning.

Douglas County Fire District No.2 firefighters responded just after midnight to a report of a garage fire at 1422 Don Mar Court in Sutherlin.

When fire crews arrived, they found heavy smoke coming from the roof eaves and doors of the garage.

Officials say the fire, which was confined to an area on the back wall of the garage with a metal shelve containing several storage boxes, an electric clock and a CD player, was quickly extinguished, limiting fire and smoke damage and preventing any damage to the residence.

The fire was reported to 911 by the home occupant who went to the garage to check the electrical breaker panel because the power went out inside the house and discovered the smoke coming from the garage.

Firefighters remained on scene mopping up smoldering remains until just after 1:30 a.m.

Fire investigators determined that this fire was caused when an electrical outlet on the back wall of the garage, which had an unprotected multi-plug adapter with several electrical appliances plugged to it, overheated and ignited nearby combustible materials.

"It is important to prevent fire like this one, for the public to remember the following when using multi-plug adapters, whether cube adapters, non-fused plug strips or similar devices," says Fire Marshal Josep Pedrola.

They must be of the polarized or grounded type, equipped with over current protection, and shall be listed in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standard 1363.
They are intended for temporary use only, and should not be used as substitute for permanent wiring.

Initial damage to the garage and its contents is estimated to be $3,500.

No injuries were reported.

Fire District #2 was assisted at the scene by Oakland Fire District, Sutherlin Police and the American Red Cross.