Eagle Scout gives shelter a place to play

WINCHESTER, Ore. -- Eagle Scout and animal lover Ty Siepert needed an Eagle Scout project.

So, he set out to create a concrete exercise pen for Saving Grace.

Ty says the project didn't just come together. "Preparation for it is probably the most important part," he said.

Ty spent 3 months planning, fundraising and asking for donations to complete the pen for his Eagle Scout project.

With discounts from Umpqua Sand and Gravel and Caldwell Construction donating their services for free, the pen cost a little under $2,000 to put together.

Marianne Siepert, Ty's mother, says she is pretty proud of his work. "I think it's awesome and interesting what little things like this can help contribute to the welfare of the animals here in Douglas County," she said.

Ty admits there were times when his project was tough, but well worth it in the end. "It's actually nice to do, it's pretty fun."