DUII Cop: 'DUII drivers are nothing but random murderers'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A Roseburg officer has been recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty to keep the streets safe.

Roseburg patrol officer Dave Lund had a goal for 2012: he wanted to arrest one person a week for driving impaired. "One a week seemed like a pretty lofty goal, and by August 31 of last year, I arrested my 52nd DUII and the march was on for more," Lund said.

All together, he arrested 84 people and charged them with driving under the influence, part of the reason he was chosen as one of two DUII Enforcement Officers of the Year. "I look at it as 84 people that I either saved their life or somebody else's," Lund said. "That's how I look at impaired driving."

In 2011, he made 40 DUII arrests. He says at first, it wasn't really his forte. "Up until really two or three years ago, it wasn't something that I was necessarily particularly good at, or caught a lot of people. All of a sudden I just sort of started to be able to pick them out."

He adds that his ability to get the huge amount of arrests isn't something he did alone. Roseburg Police Department doesn't have an officer who's job is to solely focus on DUII drivers, a luxury some larger agencies can afford.

Since he's taken away from regular calls when dealing with DUII drivers, he says other officers have picked up the slack.

Lund says he doesn't want to just catch impaired drivers in the act. His goal is to stop people from ever getting behind the wheel intoxicated.

He made a public service announcement called 'The Top Ten Reasons To Get a DUII,' which talks about how fashionable handcuffs are, and how fun jail can be.

The films air before movies in the local theaters. "This is maybe just one more component, one more step in getting people to think, 'Hey, not me. I don't want to be in the backseat of Officer Lund's Car'."

Dave has also secured grants for educational materials to help teach students the dangers of drunk and drugged driving.

His passion for fighting impaired driving is even evident in his email signature, where he ends every message by saying that DUII drivers are nothing but random murderers.