Duck fans lag behind K-State in Fiesta Bowl ticket sales

EUGENE, Ore. - With the Fiesta Bowl under a month away, many Ducks fans are making plans to travel to see the game in Glendale, Ariz.

However Kansas State fans are snapping up the remaining tickets much quicker than those in Oregon.

According to the University of Oregon Athletic Office Kansas State has not only sold out of its allotment of tickets, but also the extra seats not set for either side.

The Ducks and Kansas State are set to meet in the Fiesta Bowl on Thursday, January 3.

As we get closer to the game, the University of Oregon hasn't yet sold their entire allotment of 17,500 tickets.

The sluggish sales aren't because of a lack of interest in the post-season game. The UO bookstore has seen a large number of fans come in to gear up for the game.

"We've already had to restock pretty much everything in here," said Jordan Hall, the lead cashier at the store on Kincaid Street.

Several Duck fans told KVAL News that they have already purchased their tickets.

"We get to play a new team that we haven't played before, and so I'm excited to see that," said Andrew Locke-Harris, a Duck fan who is going to the game.

"It was one of those things where I was kind of disappointed about the outcome with the Stanford loss and everything," said Kevin Dobyns, a Duck fan who is making the trip. "But I just knew I had to go to Glendale and support the team."

Other Duck fans are still trying to save up for the ticket.

"It's pretty expensive, tickets are like $140," said Chris Kuhn, a Duck fan who has still not purchased his ticket. "The plane down is going to be pretty expensive too."

Other Duck fans said the distance from Eugene to Glendale is just too far to travel.

"I just don't want to have to drive all the way to Phoenix and all the way back." said Cody Schmidt.

"If it was close, I would totally go but I'm a poor grad student, so not this year," said Kristen Grottkau.

As for the fans who are making the trip to Glendale, they said they hope enough Ducks flock together to support their team at the Fiesta Bowl.

"When I went to the National Championship, Auburn had like 70 percent of the fans and we only had like 30 percent," Kuhn said. "We've got to get as many fans there as we can."

The UO Athletic Department said they're not worried about Oregon fans not showing up. UO Athletic officials said Duck fans are full of pride and usually buy through a secondary seller.

If you have not purchased your ticket yet, the athletic office said the best place to buy up remaining tickets is at the UO ticket office.