Downtown Roseburg businesses seek solution on what to do with trash

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Imagine if you generated a lot of garbage every day and had nowhere nearby to throw it away.

That's what some Roseburg businesses are dealing with.

Downtown businesses with a Jackson Street storefront are in a unique situation. They don't have a spot on the backside either, because right outside is Main Street.

The only place they can dump their trash could be blocks away.

"It’s becoming a nuisance at this point because it's not secure. There's a lot of illegal dumping that's happening there and people are not paying to participate in that," says Michael Emmanuil, a downtown business owner.

City of Roseburg says they’re willing to work with businesses, but they don’t want trash on the sidewalk in the middle of downtown.

"Honestly, it's an inconvenience,” says Community Development Director Stuart Cowie. “Individuals have to take their garbage down a couple of blocks to be able to dump it. However, at the same time, they can't necessarily have a garbage container on the back of the sidewalk either."

Business owners are now teaming up with the Downtown Roseburg Association to find a solution.

"It's savings for us if we do it as a community of downtown businesses to use that particular site because we don't pay as much to have our own containers; it would cost us less to use that one," adds Emmanuil.

The businesses and the downtown association are looking to secure the dumping site and send a proposal to the City to keep garbage off the sidewalks for everybody.

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