Douglas HS looking for help in improvements

WINSTON, Ore. -- The Douglas High School football field is now something that it hasn't been in years: visible at night.

The high school used to have dim halogen lights, and parts of the field were often shrouded in darkness come game time.

But the school recently had new metal halide lights installed.

Officials say that was the first step in a project to revamp the field.

Next up is the bleachers.

Superintendent Kevin Miller says they're in desperate need of repair, but he's not going to voters to ask for the money to fix them.

Instead, two community groups are stepping up to raise the funds.

Miller says that in today's economy, schools like Douglas have to ask for more donations on necessary projects. "We've come to the realization that this is the new normal for us, this is kind of where the economy is," he said. "We're going to pull together as a community, because it gives our kids the message, our students the message that we care about your education, we care about your facilities."

Miller says that Douglas isn't the only school in the area that has felt the effects from the economic downturn. "This community and our schools, as all of Douglas County, has really suffered with the economic times. It's pretty much statewide I guess, but particularly in this county," he said.

If you want to donate to the project, you can get more information out at the field at the homecoming game this Thursday.