Douglas County fire officials remove district-wide burn ban

(File/SBG photo)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Douglas County Fire District No.2 has removed the district-wide burn ban that has been in place since July.

"Although weather conditions have brought about cooler temperatures and increased moisture, we urge the public to use extra caution when burning and to comply with all applicable burning regulations," officials said in a news release.

DCFD2 says they attempt to follow Douglas Forest Protection Association (DFPA) burn restrictions and dates in order to maintain consistency of the ban and avoid confusion among the public.

Residential (Backyard) burning includes dry yard debris, trimmings and clippings only. The burning of standing berry vines, grass or weeds, paper, wood products, plastics, auto parts, tires, wire insulation, household garbage, construction materials, materials from land clearing or other non-yard debris items is prohibited. Backyard burning may not be done on another person’s property or on vacant lots.

Backyard burning is only allowed during daylight hours and shall not be conducted within 50 feet of any structure or other combustible material or property line. Clearance from structures and other combustible materials may be reduced as follows: Not less than 15 feet when burning is conducted in an approved burning appliance such as a burn barrel, or not less than 25 feet when the burn pile size is no larger than 3 feet in diameter x 2 feet high.

Fires shall be supervised (direct line of sight) by an adult at all times. Tools and/or garden hoses to control or extinguish the fire must be available on site at all times.

A permit from Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is required for industrial, commercial, construction waste and demolition waste.

Douglas County has numerous alternative methods available to residents. For a list of these alternatives refer to or call (541)440-4268

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