Dog nearly dies after eating apple marijuana pipe

EDMONDS, Wash. -- One innocent bite can turn into a lethal dose of reality that no dog owner wants to face.

Misty is a 6-month old lab whose favorite treat just so happens to be a bite of apple here and there. So it was no surprise to see her grab a free one sitting along the beach at the Edmonds dog park.

"I look over and she's got an apple in her mouth and she's happily chewing away on it," said Misty's owner, Chaya Anderson.

Misty began acting odd soon after eating the fruit and things soon spiralled downward.

"She couldn't hardly stand at all and she was almost acting as if she was dizzy," Anderson said.

Realizing something was seriously wrong with her dog, Anderson quickly got Misty to the vet.

"We almost lost her," she said. "She went into a coma."

So what was it that caused the lab to get so sick? It turns out she tested positive for marijuana.

"At that point in time I was just like, 'Oh my gosh, you know, I don't know how she got in contact with it," Anderson said.

Anderson's vet then informed her that apples are often used as makeshift marijuana pipes. Dr. Karen Kline is a veterinarian at VCA Veterinary Center where Misty was treated.

"I think we are seeing an increase overall in the numbers," Kline said of animals ingesting marijuana. "In a split second they can eat things that go down the hatch and their owners don't even know."

Misty was lucky that Anderson knew to get help fast, despite the fact she didn't know it was drug reaction.

"It can be dangerous to the point where these guys will become comatose. They can lose their ability to swallow, they can aspirate, can develop pneumonia," Kline said.

Anderson wants people to think twice about what they leave behind, so other animals can avoid the pain that Misty felt.

"I just hope that these people know that they are forgiven, but we don't want this to happen again," she said.