Dog drowns in boating accident near Elkton

ELKTON, Ore. -- A Bend man and two others escaped a boating accident on Sunday near Elkton, but his dog perished after its life vest caught on the capsized boat.

Douglas County Sheriff's office Marine Deputies were called to the area of Hart Rapids in Elkton at about 10:30 a.m., for a report of a capsized boat and three people in the water.

Authorities say that Christopher Keksi, 51, of Bend, and two friends were floating downriver in a Fish-Rite drift boat, when it apparently turned sideways and capsized in the rapids.

Officials say that when rescue crews arrived the three men had made it out of the water.

Deputies say Keksi had his dog with them and its vest caught on the side of the boat when it flipped, causing the dog to drown.

The boat remains in the Umpqua River, and cannot be removed at this time due to the water level.

Authorities say the boat is a "minimal hazard" and signs have been posted warning others to be aware of it.

Officials say boaters are advised to stay to the right of the channel when going through Hart Rapids.