Doctor: Get your flu shot now

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- Autumn is officially here, and with it comes another season: The flu season.

You might have seen the signs around town, as flu vaccines have hit most shelves.

But why is getting poked with a needle so important? A doctor says history tells us the answer. "Remember the Spanish Flu epidemic where 40 million people died of the flu? We don't hear of 40 million people die of the the flu anymore because we have excellent vaccines," said Dr. Greg Schandelmeir, an internal medicine physician.

Doctors say the best way to get protected against the flu is to the get vaccine. "We've saved more human lives with vaccines than anything else we do."

This year, some clincis have a new 4-strain vaccine.

If you feel crumby after you get the shot, Dr. Schandelmeir says, that's a good thing. "That's a good sign that the vaccine is working and that the immune system is revved up."

A small poke might just save your life, or someone else's, according to Dr. Schandelmeir. "Getting them reduces everyone's risk," he said.