DFPA: 'The chances of fire starting and spreading are still there'

(KPIC image)

ROSEBURG, Ore. – Douglas County has seen some rain and cooler temperatures recently, but fire season is still in effect and officials say fire safety remains crucial as deer hunting season begins.

Douglas Forest Protective Association says it's important to know the fire restrictions in your area as they can vary through different agencies and districts.

They also say to look out for this week's warmer weather.

"Dry conditions, so the chances of fire starting and spreading are still there,” says DFPA’s Kyle Reed. “So again, people just need to be really mindful of their surroundings when they're out and about in the woods, whether they're hunting or recreating or whatever."

Reed says it's also important to know that fire danger can increase or decrease at a moment's notice.

Keep an eye on the Douglas Forest Protective Association's public use restrictions on their website,

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