Deputy: 'He was in another room, shooting through the wall at this guy'

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- A man came back to his home in the 5500 block of Willis Creek Road early Sunday morning, and says he walked right into gun fire.

When the victim returned home a little after midnight, he noticed his belongings were in disarray.

As he walked through his home, the suspect, later identified as Jonathan Bunch, 26, allegedly started to shoot. "The suspect was in another room, shooting through the wall at this guy," said Douglas county Sheriff's deputy Dwes Hutson. "He shot about 10 rounds at him."

Authorities say the victim didn't know Bunch.

Bunch fled on foot, but Hutson says he fired back into the house again as he was leaving.

Law enforcement arrived on scene and set up a perimeter around the quiet neighborhood.

While checking the area, a Roseburg officer heard a voice coming from under a pickup truck, followed by a gunshot.

Officials say that shot was Bunch committing suicide.

Hutson says that Bunch was a suspect in several recent crimes around the county, including the armed Astro gas station robbery in Winston, and several car thefts.

No shots were fired by law enforcement officers according to the Sheriff's office. They also say the homeowner did not fire any shots.