Deputies: Wash. dad left infant daughter in locked car for hours

SEATTLE -- There weren't many words, but then, there don't need to be when a baby is rescued from a car after about eight hours completely alone.

King County Sheriff's Office Transit Police officers used special equipment to unlock a car in the Thornton Place garage shortly after 6 p.m. Thursday evening. Deputies said a caller had noticed a car with an infant sitting in a car seat had been parked in the garage since 10 a.m.

After the deputies unlocked the car, the child's mother held her close. They said the father normally drops off the baby at a daycare along with the family's other children. The mother normally picks them up in a separate car, but today the baby wasn't there when she arrived.

Deputies say the father simply forgot and left the baby inside the car at the garage all day.

He arrived shortly after the car was unlocked, telling KOMO his name was Matt Steele. Steele said the baby was okay, but when asked how he could forget that his own child was in the backseat he said, "I don't have an explanation for that."

Deputies did not arrest him, but said that there could be possible charges for child neglect. Child Protective Services may also become involved.

Steele was allowed to leave, saying he needed to pick up his other daughter.