Dance-vertiser expands: 'Not just sign waving tips - it's a life lesson'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Finding a job in this economy can be tough for anyone, especially one making more than minimum wage, but one Roseburg man turned an entry-level position into a well paying career.

Since the last time we caught up with Toby Earley, his sign waving business has been doing better than ever. Earley is now the face of local restaurant and is founding a new fitness movement.

Even though he has seen a lot of success as a sign waver, Earley didn't initially want to take the job.

"He had a car payment coming up and I kept telling him about this ad in the paper for waving," said Toby's mother, Sue. "When he started getting the response from other people, and the waves and the honks and - you know - people throwing kisses at him, he thought 'whoa this is really cool!'."

As Toby put it, he couldn't fight his fate.

"I had no idea things were gonna get this far I love it! I love it!" said Earley.

When Toby Earley decided to go pro at sign waving, he became The Dancevertiser. For $25 per hour he'll guarantees to get your sign seen.

Logger's Gourmet Pizza decided to get Earley's help with their advertising by making him the face of their pizza joint.

I knew he was awesome when I first saw him," said Cathy Martin of Logger's Pizza. "That's why we ended up making him our mascot."

In just two months, Logger's sold 300 special-edition Toby growlers. It's not all that surprising, as Toby's facebook page has nearly 4,000 likes.

The Douglas County celebrity is now taking his dancevertising to a studio by trying his hand in the world of aerobics by incorporating those signature sign waving moves. The sweat session happens Tuesday & Thursday evenings at Parkside Flowers.

"We have an extra part of our store that's not really part of the gift area and we use it as a little dance studio," said Diane Schumacker, the owner of Parkside Flowers.

Toby said he wants to teach you how to get fit with the flick of your wrist.

"It all really depends on what you want to put into it. What you wanna put in - all the spins and stuff - is what you're gonna end up getting out," said Earley.

That's not just a sign waving tip - it's a life lesson.