Dad searching for daughter: 'I still have no idea where she is'

EUGENE, Ore.- Steven Colbert said he will not come home to Cottage Grove until he finds his five-year-old daughter Fela.

He last saw her January 27. Colbert had a joint custody agreement with the girls mother Deanna Lane. Every week they would meet at the Eugene Public Library to make the exchange.

"When I arrived at the library at five o'clock in the afternoon, they didn't show up," Colbert said.

He called the police and went to Lane's home but she was gone.

"I still have no idea where she is, who she is staying with or what the conditions are for her day and night," he said.

Colbert said he suspected Lane may have taken his daughter to her home state of New York. He said in 2010 she went before a judge to try to take Fela to New York and some time later tried to move to San Francisco but each time she was denied her request.

"She wasn't happy when the courts told her the best thing for our child was to stay in Oregon," Colbert said.

Through friends in New York, Colbert was able to find out where Lane was working and notified police. Court records show authorities called her place of work in New York and confirmed her address. A warrant was issued for Lane's arrest and she was charged with felony custodial interference. The FBI also got involved once it was known Fela was taken out of state.

Colbert is still in New York searching for Fela. He believes Lane may still be in contact with friends in Eugene.

"It would have been a lot easier if at the very least would have some idea of how my daughter was doing - even a phone call - but I haven't had that," Colbert said.