DA: Officers justified in shooting death of drunk convicted murderer

ROSEBURG, Ore. - Law enforcement officers were justified in using deadly force against a drunk convicted murderer who fired a gun at officers in a Reedsport trailer park July 17, a grand jury decided.

"The four officers did everything in their power to bring this situation to a peaceful resolution," said Rick Wesenburg, Douglas County district attorney. "It was simply not to be."

Wesenburg and Sheriff John Hanlin held a press conference Wednesday to announce the findings of the investigation by police and the grand jury.

"I commend these officers," Hanlin said. "Even though they were justified in using deadly physical force much sooner than they did, it was only after Mr. Glancey started actively shooting at officers that they were forced to end his threatening behavior."

Wesenburg said the grand jury heard sworn testimony from 12 people, including civilian eye witnesses, medical examiners and police investigators.

The grand jury ultimately decided that the use of deadly force against 71-year-old Glen Glancey was justified.

Wesenberg said that Glancey was convicted of murder in North Carolina in 1973. He was known by neighbors and police to be violent and to drink excessively. His blood alcohol level was 2 to 3 times the legal limit to drive the night he confronted police.

According to investigators, when Glancey saw law enforcement pull into his cul de sac, he retrieved a .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol and an extra clip from inside his home.

Glancey emerged from his house and yelled expletives at Douglas County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Jeff Frieze, Deputy Daniel Marchini and Reedsport Officer Trevor Gardner and Reedsport Police Chief Duane Wisehart.

Glancey then opened fire, shooting 10 rounds towards the officers.

The officers fired back, hitting Glancey.

Medics rushed him to Lower Umpqua Hospital

, where

he died days later from his injuries