Cub's World Series Trophy makes a pit-stop in Eugene

The Chicago Cub's World Series Trophy made a pit-stop at PK Park in Eugene on Tuesday. 

EUGENE, Ore.- The Commissioner's World Series trophy made a special trip to Eugene on Tuesday.

Emeralds and Cubs fans alike can get a picture with the historic trophy now right here in Eugene. The trophy is making its 6th and final stop at the Emerald's PK Park.

"It’s really a unique opportunity for baseball fans," said the Eugene Emeralds’ General Manager, Allan Benavides. "Never in my life did I ever expect that I'd get a world series ring, let alone with the cubs, and then to have the trophy here! It's mind boggling to be honest. I'm so excited to have it here."

This trophy journeyed all the way from its home at Wrigley Field to visit its affiliate, the Eugene Emeralds, and Benavides says they expect a full house.

PHOTOS | Cubs bring World Series trophy to Eugene

"About four thousand people, we've already got about three thousand in ticket sales."

After a 108-year drought for the Cubs, Benavides said the trophy visiting Eugene is something he wants for the fans.

"I don't think there's a group of fans that had it harder than the Cubs," said Benavides. "One of the most memorable events I think a Cub's fan will be able to have. And for us to be able to provide that opportunity here at PK Park - in Eugene, Oregon of all places, I think it's pretty special. "

If you're concerned about getting your moment with the trophy, don't worry. "We're going to try to get everybody," reassured Benavides.

There will be a photographer on site for this big moment. Plus, 15 extra staff working by the photo area to take people's phones, get the settings ready, and capture the picture of you and the trophy.

"We're hoping to cycle two hundred and fifty people an hour through the photo lines," said Benivades.

This opportunity will certainly cap off the memorable baseball moment from Chicago with a photo finish for Eugene fans.

Benavides suggests getting there early, but other affiliates who have hosted the trophy have gotten at least 1,000 people through their lines to see it.

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