Coquille man extradited for alleged sexual abuse

COQUILLE, Ore.- A Coquille man was arrested for allegedly attempting to sexually abuse a child.

Joseph Moore, 26 is charged with attempted sodomy and attempted sexual assault.

The alleged crime involves a victim twelve years of age or younger.

Moore failed to show up at an arraignment hearing in Coos County.

"Coos Bay police received a warrant and they knew that the defendant was living in a residence in Missoula, Montana. They faxed over the warrant to their office and Missoula PD went to his location and subsequently arrested him," Officer Patrick Smith with the Coquille Police Department said.

Moore was living with a relative in Missoula, MT.

The Coos County district attorney would not talk about the case because there may be additional charges against Moore.

If Moore is convicted the likely hood of him ending up on the Oregon state sex offender registry is low.

Only about 5 percent of Coos County's 446 registered sex offenders are in public databases.

Moore will be taken to Coos County jail.