Coos County has new partners in crime

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- There's a new Sheriff's deputy in town.But this deputy has twice as many legs as your average cop.Neeko is a 2-year-old German Shepherd.Deputy Adam Slater is Neeko's handler, and he says the new guy is pretty special. "He's pretty iconic, you know, for our first dog," he said. "We haven't had a patrol dog at the Sheriff's office for quite a while."The BLM helped with funding to bring Neeko to Coos County.Neeko and Deputy Slater will be patrolling on BLM land, and will be on call to help with other incidents in Coos County. "We've had a lot of missing hunters, missing loggers, and with a K-9, their scent abilities are so much greater than ours that that it will get us out there in the right area, if not actually find the person," Slater said.Neeko is trained to track people who have either gone missing, or criminals.All of his commands are in German, and Slater says he only has to say them once. "You only have to tell him once because be loves to work."Truly partners in crime. "It's better than singing to yourself in the pickup truck, now you got someone else to talk to instead of just yourself," Slater said. "You get out there and some of the areas in Coos County are pretty remote. It's nice to know you got someone who's got your back."