Coos Bay looks to Roseburg's example on panhandling

COOS BAY, Ore. - You may not be allowed to give to panhandlers from your car after Tuesday's Coos Bay City Council meeting.

The city is considering an ordinance now being used in Roseburg.

According to the ordinance, transactions on busy roads pose a significant safety risk for pedestrians and drivers.

Drivers would be required to pull over to a legal parking spot before giving to panhandlers.

"I just think that we're seeing an increase in number of folks that are panhandling on the busy street corners, and summer obviously brings a lot more business to our roads, a lot more traffic and obviously increases that potential risk," said Capt. Chris Chapanar with the Coos Bay Police Department. "So with the influx of this type of activity going on, it's just a good idea to look at some kind of ordinance to mitigate those kinds of concerns."