Cooler weather brings reminders about heaters

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Now that the cooler weather is starting to settle in, officials are urging people to be wary of heating devices.

Jo Pedrola, Fire Marshall for Douglas County Fire District #2, says that one of the biggest issues is heaters.

Pedrola says that many home heaters don't actually have an off switch, but people turn them on the lowest setting during the summer.

That won't stop the heater from kicking on when the temperature dips, and that could spell disaster if you've got something piled in front of or on top of a heat source. "So, through the summer, clothing, boxes of storage, whatever, it is gets pushed against those baseboard heaters, but it becomes a ticking time bomb," Pedrola said.

He advises keeping things at least 36 inches away from any heat source, and making sure that all portable heaters have a tip switch that will turn off the device if it falls over.