Combat veteran reunited with missing therapy dog

OLYMPIA, Wash. --- An Olympia veteran has been reunited with his missing therapy dog.

Robert Mitchell, who believed his puppy Maximus was stolen from his backyard early on Monday, says he received an anonymous text on Friday from the people who had his dog.

The group set up a meeting and returned Maximus to Mitchell Friday evening, but didn't explain how or where they found him. Mitchell says he's just happy ot have Maximus

Mitchell has been to combat zones in some of the harshest climates and locales in the world.

He was dogsitting at the time Maximus was taken, and said the other dog was completely untouched. No holes were found in the fence and the gate's lock was untouched. Mitchell said his puppy's toys and blanket were gone as well.

Mitchell served in the Iraq conflicts and the War on Terror and faces problems with PTSD. Maximus was more than a dog; he is in training to be a therapy animal.