Collision sends logs crashing into double-decker bus on I-5

EUGENE, Ore. - A tow truck driver working to hook up a double-decker bus along Interstate 5 escaped injury Monday when a passing utility truck sideswiped a log truck, sending logs tumbling onto the interstate and into the tow truck and disabled bus, Oregon State Police said.

Logs crashed down around tow truck driver Rod Midkiff as he kneeled alongside I-5.

One of them "piledrived" into the side of his truck.

He was not injured.

"When it was done, I'm actually interacting with the truck driver, and he was surprised that I'm alive," Midkiff said. WATCH: Tow truck driver describes what happened

He was under the 1986 Leyland Olympian Double-Decker Bus on the northbound shoulder of I-5, working to hook the bus to his tow truck, when the logs hit both rigs, police said.

The crash happened just before 3 p.m. when a Ford Utility truck driven by Barry Williamson, 42, of Dexter crossed into the adjacent lane and sideswiped a log truck driven by John Lostrom, 38, of Veneta, police said.

The collision caused the log truck to veer out of control, police said.

The rear trailer went over on its side, dumping all of the logs.

When the logs came off the trailer, they hit both the double decker bus and the tow truck near where Midkiff was kneeling.

No one was injured.

Interstate 5 was briefly closed by the crash. One northbound lane remained closed for several hours while the scene was cleaned up.

The investigation remains open, police said.