Cold weather opens places like Dream Center

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- It is getting cold outside, literally getting down to freezing at night.

While most people can spend chilly evenings in their homes, not everyone has that luxury.

That's where the Dream Center comes in.

The Roseburg non-profit opens its doors to Douglas County's homeless who need a warm bed.

Any time the temperature hits 32 degrees with snow or 30 degrees without, the Dream Center opens its doors to those who have no place else to go.

Sylvia Abbe, the centers director, says it is extremely important to have a place for people to go when the temperatures drop. "I think it's very essential at this point because it is getting very very cold outside, and there is no where to go to keep warm," she said.

The center also offers some meals, groceries and clothing to those in need.

For more information on when the non-profit opens to the homeless, you can visit their Web site.