Coast guard rescues capsized fisherman

CHARLESTON, Ore.- A crabber is fished out of the water after his boat capsizes.

Mark Bishop, 59 was rescued by the US Coast Guard yesterday in Charleston after his 18 foot boat hit a wave during a sharp turn.

He was in the water for about 15 minutes and was able to swim back to the boat until the coast guard arrived.

"He was extremely happy," Walter Morey with the US Coast Guard said.

"He was an ocean going mariner so he's got a lot of time on the water and probably a place he feels really comfortable at but the ocean and the river is not prejudice to anybody and it doesn't care if you are not wearing a life jacket or not."

Bishop was treated for hypothermia after being pulled out of the water.

The coast guard officers who rescued him said he was lucky considering he was not wearing a life jacket.