Coach charged with sex abuse: 'Everyone is really shocked'

OAKRIDGE, Ore. -- In a town with a population of 3,500, residents of Oakridge said word travels fast. Larry Boyd, the head baseball coach at the only high school in town, was arrested and charged with sex crimes against a student.

"While interviewing the victim and gathering evidence, we were able to conduct an investigation into Larry Boyd, and arrests were made." Oakridge police officer Stephan Ball said on Monday,

The 48-year-old Boyd was charged with sexual abuse including unlawful penetration and physical harassment on Saturday. Police said the investigation involves a student who attends the high school.

"It's a small town," said former Oakridge High School student Sean Roy in front of Ray's Market in Oakridge on Monday. "People gossip."

"This is a small town," Roy added when asked about the coach he knew while he was a student at the school. "Word travels around. It's going to be a little while before he can hold his head up high. He has a lot of apologies to give out. He's got to make amends to the people he wronged."

In front of the same market, Oakridge High School freshman Shali Grilho said she was surprised by the allegations against Boyd.

"He was always nice to people's parents, so I'm pretty sure everyone is really shocked about this because I wouldn't have expected it from him," she said.

But others in town, like resident Sheila Hollady, said they were not surprised by the charges against Boyd.

"Well, Jerry Sandusky said it's not true and the BishopI think he's trying to squeeze out of his charges," said Hollady when asked by KVAL News if the charges facing Boyd could be false. "I don't know any pedophile that is going to say it's true."

Boyd was booked at the Lane County Jail on Saturday. Oakridge police said the case is an ongoing investigation.