City of Roseburg mulls moratorium on marijuana dispensaries

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The City of Roseburg placed a one-year moratorium on pot dispensaries in back in March.

In a meeting last Monday (Aug. 25), city council discussed land use issues and agreed upon six or seven locations where a medical marijuana dispensary could be located within city limits.

"The next step will be our discussion on operations. What are the hours? Can they operate 24 hours a day? Are there restrictions on maybe being 8 to 5 or whatever the hours are. That's the second step - to come up with the hours," said mayor Larry Rich.

He said once the operating hours are agreed on, the next step is to decide if the city is ready to lift the moratorium.

The mayor also said the moratorium on marijuana dispensaries will be lifted on May 1, whether or not they come to an agreement on changing the policy early.