Cheetah babies to make appearance for good cause

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Wildlife Safari is fundraising for terminally ill children, and they're pulling out the big guns to do it: All next week, the park is bringing the two new cheetah cubs out to play.

Mchumba and Khayam will be hanging out at the Oregon Pacific Bank in Roseburg Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Officials are raising money for DreamNight, which is a free evening for chronic and terminally ill children and their families.

Park officials are hoping that when people see the cubs, they'll be inspired to donate, so ill children can have the same experience. Shannon College is a Village Ranger and DreamNight coordinator, and says the event is special for kids. "It's a really great event, and it's really relaxing for them, because they don't have to worry about costs or anything like that, they just have to make it to the park," she said.

Officials say that they're looking for donations and volunteers.

College says they don't really have a goal, but officials say that every little bit helps. "As much as we can raise, the bigger the party," said Anita Cox of Oregon Pacific. "It builds family memories together, it takes your mind off of it."

This is the first time the public will get to catch a glimpse of the two new cheetahs.

The DreamNight event isn't happening until August, but they are already starting to plan and they're turning to the community for help.

If you want to donate to DreamNight or offer to help, you can contact the Wildlife Safari for more information.