Cemetery pavement project nears completion

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- After nearly three years and a lot of community support, the Roseburg National Cemetery pavement project is approaching the finish line.

A little over three years ago, the Guardians of Heroes Foundation started a project to pave the area around the cemetery so that when it's raining, people don't have to truck through the mud to lay their loved ones to rest.

Roseburg Police Chief Jim Burge and his wife attended several military funerals back in 2009, all in the rain.

They decided a change had to be made.

Chief Burge created Guardians of Heroes and drafted Derek Simmons as president. "Military families that are at a funeral are not thinking about the facilities, but it's one of those things where I felt like this is the only way we can show respect to those families, is to make sure that what they have to go through is not any worse than it needs to be," Simmons said.

Thanks mostly to community support, this $180,000 project is nearing completion.

Simmons couldn't be happier to be approaching the finish line. "This is a one project organization, and it's gotten great community support, but it was just designed for this one project and it's looking forward to being done," Simmons said.

The pavement portion of this project will be completed within the next week or two, allowing cars to drive through the newly paved parking lot.