Cats: 'They're just like, going to take over Oakland'

OAKLAND, Ore. -- At the Alonzo F. Brown house in Oakland, some unruly residents have gotten the neighborhood riled up.

A colony of almost 30 cats roam around this historic home.

But residents along 2nd and Chestnut say they pretty much see them everywhere. Aaron Coombs says a lot of people are concerned about Oakland's feline problem. "They're eating everybody's gardens," he said. "Some people think that they're just like, going to take over Oakland, kind of."

Some voiced their concerns at Wednesday's city council meeting.

Although not everyone in the neighborhood has a problem with the cats, they say they do understand the problem. "It can make it hard to try and sell a house knowing full well you're moving in and taking on the responsibility or not, of having cats," said Robin Tripp.

Most of those that were at the council meeting said they agree.

These cats are more friendly than feral, and adopting them out may be the key to getting them out.

Diane Smith, the executive director of the group SOS Cat, says most of them could go to a home. "These cats are good, adoptable, they're friendly," she said. "They're healthy, they're vaccinated, they're spayed and neutered, they're ready to go."

Smith is in talks with shelters in Salem and Portland, trying to get some of the colony of kitties off the streets and into loving homes.