Casa de Belen looking for help from community

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Casa de Belen is a home for those who have no place else to go.

Homeless teens, single parents and entire families are welcome to stay there.

They've got a library, an art room, a music room and individual rooms. But one thing they're a little short on: funding.

Executive Director Penny McCue says that they have about 50 people staying at Casa every year, but they only have an annual budget of $150,000.

Some people told KPIC News that they couldn't live without Casa de Belen. "It gives the families here, and me and my son the ability to have food and have a roof over our heads, power and bills and whatnot," said Casa resident Hannah Hulska. "It's a non-profit, so the more that the community gives back to here, the more that we're able to sustain our lives."

McCue says they're having to cut corners in order to make ends meet, such as not having the heat on all the time.

If you would like to help struggling teens and families get back on their feet, you can visit their Web site to find out how.