Candy sales go to cancer research

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Craig Jackson says he knew he had to do something about cancer when his wife was diagnosed.

That's when Jackson and the Roseburg Lions Club took candy sales to Sherm's parking lot.

Jackson told KPIC News that the news about his wife turned his life upside down. "Finding out your wife has cancer is devastating," he said.

The Lions Club now holds a fundraiser to raise money for cancer research.

Jackson says it started with a meeting between the Lions and the Treva Hoffman Foundation. a cancer research initiative called the t.r.e.v.a foundation talked to the lions. "I sat there and said, my fellow Lions, we need to get involved and find a cure for breast cancer and every cancer."

Officials say the foundation supports an annual $40,000 research chair at Legacy Hospital.

Because the research is expensive, profits from these candy sales go to support the foundation.

Lions Club members say they look forward to candy sales every year, and it's not just fun handing out candy to people, but supporting a serious cause.

Dr. Randy Moore of the Community Cancer Center says because of cancer rates, they need all the help with research that they can get. "The cancer rates are increasing," Dr. Moore said. "We're about running neck to neck as far as death rates between cancer and cardiovascular disease."

This is the third year the Lions have been selling candy to help fund cancer research.

They will be selling Sees Candy at Sherm's until the end of March.