Budget outlook for schools might have bright spot

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- State legislators released a preliminary budget earlier this week, allocating more than $6.55 billion to Oregon schools.

The Sutherlin superintendent says the proposed budget likely means that jobs with the district are safe.

The proposed school funding is about a billion dollar increase over the current budget.

Sutherlin superintendent Steve Perkins says that will help them to keep jobs, and he doesn't think the necessary cuts will target personnel. "What we'll have to do now is just get into the line items and figure out where we can make those minor reductions," he said.

Perkins says the $6.55 billion is actually what the district planned for, and while he says it's not as much funding as he could have hoped for, he's happy it wasn't less. "It puts us in pretty good shape. it's not like it's 6.75 where we would have been held harmless and could have just gone on without worrying really about our budget, that's not the case," he said. "So we do, we will have to work through the budget process and find some ways to make some cuts."

The proposed budget is now in the hands of Oregon legislators.