Boy starts fire on bed, destroys family mobile home

WINCHESTER, Ore. -- A fire destroyed a mobile home Monday evening, after authorities say a 3-year-old lit a toy on fire in his bedroom.Just after 5:00 pm, Douglas County Fire District #2 firefighters were called to a reported mobile home fire at the Pine Wood Mobile Home Park located at 5000 NE Stephens Street in Winchester. When fire crews arrived, they say there was heavy smoke and flames coming from the back area of the mobile home. Officials say all of the occupants made it out, and firefighters were able to knock down the fire.Authorities say the fire threatened two mobile homes next to the one that burned.Fire District #2 Fire Marshal Josep Pedrola said in a release that the fire was discovered by the homeowner, Lucinda Atterbury, in a bedroom on the back side of the residence. After alerting her husband and sons, they all exited the home safely and reported the fire to 911.Atterbury confirmed to authorities that she first saw the fire on the bed of her 3-year-old son. Fire investigators determined that the fire started when Atterbury's son ignited a toy while playing with a butane torch type lighter in his bedroom. "It is extremely important to keep matches and lighters out of sight and out of the reach of children at all times in order to avoid unfortunate fires like this one, and prevent serious burn injuries," Pedrola said.Fire and smoke damage were extensive throughout the entire mobile home, but no injuries were reported. Initial losses are estimated at $9,000.Fire crews remained at the scene for approximately 2 hours cleaning smoldering debris.