Bomb squad called in after police find possible IED in DUI suspect's car

SUTHERLIN, Ore. - A bomb squad responded to Sutherlin after officers found a possible IED in a car driven by a drunk driver, police said.

Police arrested Dylan Ramsay, 19, on suspicion of driving under the influence after he almost hit a pedestrian and two officers with his car and ran a stop sign, police said.

"They were doing an inventory search and they came across something that looked to them like an improvised explosive device," said Chief Kirk Sanfilippo (at right). "They backed away from the vehicle, called the Oregon State Police bomb explosive team, and they responded from Salem and helped render the device safe.

"Fortunately it turned out to be a modified firework of some sort, but the officers at the time didn't know that, and they weren't going to risk the community's safety or their safety to try and take it apart themselves."

Ramsay faces cahrges of DUII, reckless endangering and possessing illegal fireworks.