Bloody dog abandoned at grocery store after botched neutering

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - An abandoned dog found badly bleeding at a grocery store from a botched neutering is on the mend after a Good Samaritan took him to the veterinarian and got a local dog rescue involved in his recuperation.

"They tried to slice the skin open in the scrotal sack to remove the testicle and apparently, when our client brought him in, things were hanging out," said Q Street Animal Hospital manager Beth Mitchell. "He was bloody and it was painful."

The pit bull was found leashed to a shopping cart in front of the Springfield Safeway off Q Street, left with a bag of dog food and a handwritten sign that read, "Anything helps."

"I knew Q Street was here just across the street, so I decided to bring him over and see what they could do for him," said Jan Durham who works nearby the grocery store. "And at that point I realized, well, I'm going to either help him out or let Lane do it. And I know that Lane and Greenhill are pretty tight on resources, so I thought, I'm going to do this."

Durham brought the pit bull she nows calls Buddy to the Q Street Animal Hospital. Then she paid for the surgery that saved his life.

"He's really good you know," said Durham as she craddled Buddy's head with her hands. "He's a great dog. He's so sweet. He's smart. He knows how to sit and lay down."

Durham said she is not angry with the person who hurt and left Buddy.

"I thought that they were just trying to something on the cheap and trying to save money," she said. "And, I don't know what their circumstances were."

"At least they loved him enough to leave him in such a public place," she added.

Durham, who already owns a dog, is fostering Buddy until he can be adopted out.

"I made a promise not to take on another dog," said Durham.

Luv-a-Bull Pit Bull, a pit bull rescue organization out of Eugene, has agreed to handle Buddy's adotion.

A spokeswoman for Luv-a-Bull said Buddy is smart, sweet and good with kids. If you are interested you are asked to email Liesl Hardt at or call (541) 345-7511.

Watch and KVAL News for updates on this story, including how to access low-cost spay and neuter services in Lane County.