Biscuit Bike to make the rounds in Roseburg

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A local business owner is looking to bring some flavor to Roseburg.

One way he's doing that is through a new contraption: the 'Biscuit Bike.'

People will be able to get a fermented drink called Kombucha on tap, from the owner of Booster Juice.

Vegan biscuits and gravy will be prepared on the back of the bike.

Christopher Cordoba, the owner of Booster Juice, says he thinks the Biscuit Bike will go over well. "When they see how good it tastes and see that it makes them feel better, I think they'll like it and keep coming back."

The bike was invented in Portland and has already made a splash on the Food Network.

Now, Cordoba is hoping it will impact people in our backyard. "We got it so people in Roseburg could have more options for eating healthy food, so fast food isn't the only thing they have to turn to."

Carrington Kinney says it's kind of hard to push, but she's up for the challenge. "It's kind of like pushing a car, I just need to practice riding a bike I guess."

The Biscuit Bike is expected to be up and running this summer.