Better Business Bureau warns of fake online business in Roseburg

(KPIC image of website screen shot)

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A fake online business listed in the Roseburg area is deceiving people looking for horse trailers, according to the Better Business Bureau in Portland.

Investigators say a company called DKS Trailers, LLC claims to sell horse trailers across the United States, but officials say the business is not registered with the Oregon Secretary of State.

It lists an address on Old Highway 99 in Roseburg, but a check of the address reveals the location of a different company that has nothing to do with DKS Trailers.

The Better Business Bureau doesn't want you to become a victim.

"You gotta be really careful because it's so easy these days to create a fake website,” says BBB’s Stephen Mayer. “(They can) make it look really professional and look really real and have people fall for those scams."

The BBB says to think before you click, and try to review a company's privacy policy information before making a purchase.

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