Best friend + hot car = dead dog

This is a repost of a story we did back in the spring. We thought with the temps heating back up too almost 100 degrees, it was about time to remind everyone again, PLEASE, leave your pets at home!

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The warm weather is here, and while that could mean good things for you, it could be deadly for your pet.

A car can get hot quickly, and KPIC News did a little experiment to find out just how fast things can heat up.

A thermometer was placed in a car that had been sitting in the sun for a few hours. After just five minutes, the temperature reached 118 degrees, even though it was just over 70 degrees outside.

Douglas County Animal Control Deputy Lee Bartholomew says the best thing to do is leave your four-legged friends at home. "They don't really want to go shopping with you on hot days, they don't really want to sit in a hot car," he said. "The fact is, is that it can cause some brain damage or possible death of the animal."

So, if you're running errands, Bartholomew recommends leaving your pooch at home.