Babysitter: 'I had repetitively told him to move'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- In June, several children in Oregon have fallen out of second story windows.

The latest was in Roseburg on Thursday, when a 22-month old fell out of a second story window at a residence at Lookingglass and Toby Court.

Anise Kepurah, a family friend, was watching Jonah when it happened. "His knees left off of here, his feet went out the window, and as his feet went out the window, I reached back," she said.

But little Jonah was already gone.

Anise and Alicia Hunter were babysitting Jonah, and Hunter says she told him to move away from the window. "I had repetitively told him to move," she said.

One minute, he was sitting on an ottoman, the next minute, he was falling backwards through the screen.

"As soon as I noticed him tipping backwards, I flew up and ran down the stairs," said Hunter.

When Anise and Alicia made it outside, they found Jonah in the gravel, but they say he was already moving.

Police say it was quite a fall for the little boy. "We actually went out and measured it, it was a twelve and a half foot fall," said Sgt. Aaron Dunbar of the Roseburg Police Department.

Officials say you should child-proof your windows before you open them up this summer.

Monte Bryan of the Roseburg Fire Department says it takes just a few steps to ensure this kind of accident doesn't happen in your home. "Keep all kinds of bedding or tables, chairs away from the inside of the window, because kids like to climb," he said.

Luckily, they're also resilient: Jonah is back home with his parents.