As night temps drop, don't forget your 4-legged friends

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- With the cold weather, pet owners are urged to keep their 4-legged friends in mind.

Temperatures are dipping below freezing at night, and it's not getting much warmer during the day.

Doctor Blair Bailey of Bailey Veterinary Clinic says the weather can be especially rough on older animals.

One thing many pet owners don't think about is how an animal's diet needs to change in the winter. "They do need heat, they need extra heat, and they also need calories," he said. "They need to increase this food this time of year if they're active dogs and they're outside more than they are inside."

Dr. Bailey says that coats actually really helps keep pets warm.

He says the best thing to do is keep animals indoors, or at least provide them with a warm place to lie down.