Another important date coming up for Cover Oregon

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Monday was the last day to sign up for a plan through Cover Oregon to meet the January deadline, but to have your health insurance kick in, there's another important date to remember.

According to a local insurance agent that date isn't too far away. "Cover Oregon says that as long as you pay insurance companies premium by January 15, you're going to have a January 1st effective date," said Kelsey Wood.

Wood says he knows plenty of people that are still waiting for their policy numbers. "It's very important that the yellow sheet with shopping group summary that gives the case number and shopping group number you have to have to enroll in the plan," he said.

Simply put, if you didn't enroll and choose a plan by these dates, you won't make the January 15 deadline. "The insurance companies can't do anything until they have the person in their system, it goes through this system and they're issued a member ID card or their cards," said Wood.

Until then, expect to pay for your prescriptions and doctor visits out of pocket. "This process is a mess, and in working through fixes to the mess, we're going to have constant rule changes and constant adjustments," Wood said.