Animal shelter: Abandoned animals still a problem

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Thousands of cats and dogs are taken in every year by Saving Grace, but officials say they don't mind.

The Douglas County shelter would rather have them in their care than out on the streets.

At the pet adoption center, they take in cats and dogs for a variety of reasons.

Wendy Kang, the executive director, says they're still seeing pets abandoned in Douglas County. "It happens all too often. Whether left behind in a home or backyard after their people have moved away, or perhaps left with a friend and the owner never comes back to reclaim the dog," Kang said.

Kang says it can be hard to tell if the animal they take in has been abandoned. "But we do receive, guessing about 1 dog a month, that we have some history behind to believe that the dog has been abandoned."

Cats and dogs can be surrendered fee-free for reasons ranging from behavioral problems of the animal to poor health of the owners. "We try not to judge people on why they're here, but we're here to help the pet," Kang said.