After aunt attacked, man wants to 'clean up' downtown

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A Roseburg man is embarking on an effort to clean up the downtown area, and he's asking for the public's help to do it.

Colby Sims says he feels that downtown Roseburg has taken a scary turn.

He decided it was time to do something about it when his aunt says she was attacked. "She got basically mugged," he said, attacked by a man out in front of her business. The guy tried taking her purse, kind of drug her up the street a little bit."

Sims says the violence, along with what he believes is rampant drug and alcohol abuse, has tarnished downtown Roseburg.

So, he's circulating a petition, asking people to come up with possible solutions. "I'm basically asking with my petition for people to stand up, be more proactive."

One business owner we spoke with says the area can be scary. "There's lots of ladies working downtown, and it's a little scary when you're by yourself late at night," said Jennifer Van Slyke, owner of the LaBella Medique Spa.

If you would like to help Colby in his quest to clean up downtown, he invites you to come to any Roseburg City Council meeting.