A new era: 'My family loves the Oregon Electric Station'

EUGENE, Ore. - The Oregon Electric Station restaurant, a Eugene fixture since 1987, will close its doors March 31.

The Oregon Electric Station restaurant, aiming to be a Eugene fixture for years to come, will open its doors June 15.

"My family loves the Oregon Electric Station, and we are excited to refresh the restaurant and bring it into a new era," said Raffaele Ruggeri.

Restaurant owner Cordy Jensen has agreed to sell the restaurant to the Bice Restaurant Group of Eugene, run by Ruggeri and family.

The new OES will focus on Northwest and Italian cuisine.

"I want to do something very special, something very family that represents my level of consciousness inside," said Ruggeri.

"It's our passion. It's what we've always had," said Rossella Ruggeri. "It's what I've lived through since I was - in my mother's belly, actually."

The Ruggeris plan to extend offers of employment to the restaurant's current staff.

The 300-seat restaurant is located in the former Oregon Electric Railway station, built in 1912 and in use until 1933. The restaurant opened there in 1987.

The Ruggeri family is in its third generation running restaurants. Their first, il Ristorante Da Gino e Bice, opened in 1926 in Milan, Italy.

Raffaele Ruggeri and his children live in Eugene.