2013 Roseburg Veterans Day Parade: 'It's touching'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- People packed the streets of downtown Roseburg to help celebrate the 2013 Veterans Day Parade.

Some veterans we spoke with are overwhelmed by the support from the community, something many of them say they didn't get when they returned home from the war.

Philip Hall is one of those retired vets. "People are nicer to veterans now than they were back then," he said. "It's touching. This lady came up and gave me a hand written thank you note."

Many say they're proud to see veterans receive the recognition they deserve. "They've been very fortunate because the country was behind them and there wasn't the political dissent, and so, they receive proper recognition for their effort in the war," said Korean War veteran Donald Anthony. "As somebody once said, their freedom is not free."

Tony Zarbano came to Roseburg from Eugene to enjoy the parade with his father.

They are both trying to take in more veterans activities these days. "You know what, they have a Veteran's Day, they never give it to us off. So, I started taking it off last year and that's it, I'm done working on Veterans Day and I'll have my holiday."

Over 100 different organizations participated in this years parade.