2 arrested after car catches fire at Walmart

ROSEBURG, Ore. - Two people who ran into a Roseburg Walmart after their car caught fire in the parking lot Monday face criminal charges.

Police arrested Kenneth Ingram, 48, of Sutherlan, on charges of reckless burning, criminal mischief, resisting arrest and offensive littering.

Officers also arrested Paula M. Hatch er, 57, of Roseburg, on charges of reckless burning and criminal mischief.

Both Ingram and Hatcher also had warrants out for their arrests on other charges, police said.

The duo were trying to siphon fuel from the engine block of a 1997 Ford sedan into an antifreeze bottle in the parking lot of the Walmart on Stewart Parkway when something sparked in the engine compartment.

The fuel caught fire, as did the car. The fire caused damage to the new parking lot, police said.

Police said Ingram and Hatcher ran inside the Walmart when they heard the sirens from fire engines.

Officers took Hatcher into custody on a warrant without incident.

But when police moved to take Ingram into custody, he resisted arrest and had to be restrained to be handcuffed, according to police.

Once placed in a patrol car, Ingram spit all over the interior, police said.